Foundations: Mixing with Vape Train


You’ve seen the empty tab ominously labeled “foundations” on the site, welcome to the first article to fill it out. “Foundations” is going to be where I try to lay out some more general interest topics in mixing.

The first topic is going to be about my experience with Vape Train concentrates. My plan is not to provide a comprehensive review, but discuss some topics related to mixing that I found interesting after trying a whole bunch of Vape Train flavors.

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Vape Train Viewers Choice #1: A video.

Technically this came out a couple days ago, but completion.  Gotta let that metadata and those tags work for you.  A quick look at Vape Train Biscuit Base, Apollo Feijoa, and Fizzy Sherbet.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I was doing actual real life things for the last couple days and gloriously ignoring the internet.  Back to salt mines starting tomorrow.

Vape Train Fizzy Sherbet

VTsherbetCarbonation in vaping, maybe with the exception of chocolate that doesn’t kind of suck or a cherry flavor that isn’t a waking nightmare, is basically El Dorado. Many brave explorers, myself included, have started down the path and turned back battered, broken, and profoundly cynical about the entire concept. But, hey, this has fizzy in the title. And people are using it. On a scale of 1 to 10, how contrarian will I make this review? How’s that that for an intro?

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