Capella SilverLine Crunchy Frosted Cookie


Judging by the product photo, Capella has taken the bold step of basing this on cookies that are, empirically, not very good. The kind of cookies that masquerade as a sugar cookie, but in reality are a fairly stunning amalgamation of apathy and disappointment. We’ve put frosting on this shortening-filled cardboard, now eat it. Personal feeling aside, this seems to be equal parts interesting and disappointing.

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Capella SilverLine Candied Watermelon


First, props to Capella. Lean into the candy. I dig it. Most watermelon flavors have some degree of candy to them already, but I think this is a different kind of candy watermelon. The more common version is probably a Jolly Rancher, or hard candy type watermelon. Sweet, flat, and red in general, they don’t really attempt any simulacrum of a rind note. You run into the occasional tarter take, like Purilum Watermelon, but in general it’s kind of a hegemony of artificial watermelon. This bucks that, largely. Lest we bury the lede, this tastes like Watermelon Bubblicious.

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Capella SL Apple Snacks


Capella calls this “Your favorite apple cinnamon cereal in a cold bowl of milk, you can taste every detail, from the tiny red specks to the crunchy grainy texture of the loops.” So I’m guessing a solo apple jacks profile, and it gets most of the way there.

This is a repost of legacy review, originally posted on the DIY_eJuice subreddit.

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