Vape Train Parano Carrot


Carrot cake is a profile that mixers use as a cautionary tale. They whisper in hushed tones about how, if they could finally nail a carrot cake, the heavens themselves would part and they would ascend to a throne constructed entirely of vape money Lambos and HEMO stabwood squonkers. Oh, if only they could capture the objectively odd combination of baked carrot, spice, cream cheese icing, and nuts! It always ends with the gnashing of teeth at the relatively sad state of carrot flavors. Vape Train wants to help. They have a carrot, and it has an exotic varietal name. I don’t know if this is going to be the key to that mythical profile, but it’s a fairly solid fresh carrot flavor, all things considered.

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Inawera Shisha Chili

082518_Bottle3Did you think I would stop at one Inawera novelty chile flavor? I did not. Given that Inawera already has a “Shisha Chili & Hot Spice” flavor, why not make another flavor just called Inawera “Shisha Chili.” I’ll go through my (numerous) reservations with this, but this is probably the least bad of the hot sauce style concentrates I’ve tried so far.

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Inawera Shisha Chili & Hot Spice

082518_Bottle8I don’t mean to complain about my lot in life, but flavor testing can be kind of dry work. The routine of “this is a pineapple, it tastes like pineapple” gets repetitive. Occasionally you stumble on some gems, but then you get stuck explaining why they are better than other available flavorings. Too much work! The flip side of that coin, is that sometimes you stumble into something truly horrifying. Thank you Inawera. This is bizarre and not great and I love you for it.

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