Capella Tangy Orange

Vaping has a whole bunch of things that sound like a good idea in theory but usually fall flat. Savory flavors? HOW NOVEL! What a lovely change in pace! … until they end up tasting like dirt, vomit, or stale dog food with an overly sweet background. Florals? WHO DOESN’T LIKE FLOWERS? … until you run into one that taste like the inside of deodorized casket, all perfume and sweet decay. And sour? It sounds great, using a tart acidity to balance a sticky sweet candy or fruit flavor. I’ve never had a “sour” juice that was actually sour. They just end up tasting thin and metallic while the vaping experience feels like inhaling the kind of fumes that the OSHA nerds think require a respirator or fume hood. Has Capella finally cracked the secrets of the sour? This week, we’re going fully “sour.” I’m starting out with the fairly new Capella Tangy Orange.

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Vape Train Red Dates


I’ll be the first to admit I don’t eat a ton of dates. I realize I’m a boor, but that’s just how it shakes out. My mental picture of date flavor is basically dry, sweeter, and chewy fig, with some almost fermented nuttiness. Thinking about it, I should probably eat more dates. This lines up with that mental image real well. This is kind of awesome.

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