Vape Train Bubble Gum Base


Pink bubblegum is up there on the list of flavors that most people are intimately familiar with but have no idea what the hell it is actually supposed to be. (Insert references to the power of nostalgia and maybe drop a Proust reference for max intellectual points) but it’s very profoundly strange flavor. Like all good American culinary creations, it looks like pink bubblegum was made from scraps. If you’re in the mood for a breakdown I’ve found this post by HeadInClouds on VapingUnderground really helpful. Basically, you’re talking about flavoring with vanilla, cinnamaldehyde, wintergreen, and orange oil. That’s the traditional formula for pink bubblegum. It’s spooky.

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Vape Train Chocolate Base (Clear)


I’m officially going to lobby to switch the naming conventions of some of these Vape Train concentrates. I’m proposing, officially, the switch of the Vape Train bases to the super sexy marketing name of ”Inflections, by Vape Train.” If you pick this up expecting a full chocolate flavor, you may be a bit bummed. This is not that. It’s more a chocolate tinge in a bottle. And it is clear, so there is that.

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Vape Train Love


Concentrates like this are a big part of the reason I started writing to my audience of literally dozens of people on this blog instead of sticking around on reddit. Do I have more reach? Has it translated to any monetary benefit? Emphatically, no. But instead of just slipping in one blisteringly witty bon mot along with dry analysis, I can breathe here. I can get filthy with it. I’ve viewed the infinite horizon, but I think I’d rather go back inside. It’s named Love. There are jokes to be made. Maybe we’ll ramp over the course of the review. But it’s basically a white chocolate. Named Love?

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