Vape Train Cookies & Cream


“Cookies & Cream” means Oreos or some other unofficial doppleganger. This is the way that world works. I understand that both “Cookies” and “Cream” have their own meaning, but that combination means that you’re talking about chunks of Oreos involved somewhere. This is a thing that is known. This concentrate involves no chocolate. We are already through the looking glass.

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Capella SilverLine Crunchy Frosted Cookie


Judging by the product photo, Capella has taken the bold step of basing this on cookies that are, empirically, not very good. The kind of cookies that masquerade as a sugar cookie, but in reality are a fairly stunning amalgamation of apathy and disappointment. We’ve put frosting on this shortening-filled cardboard, now eat it. Personal feeling aside, this seems to be equal parts interesting and disappointing.

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