Vape Train Milk Fresh


I grew up in a milk family. I have professional experience with milk. Awful confession, I think it’s profoundly weird stuff. I’ll cook with it but even then I prefer half and half or denser. I mean, why not add the extra fat? Cream is delicious in most of it’s permutations… but miss me with that milk stuff. Milk fat percentage of 3.25% or under? Maybe if you’re 7, but children need the delicious milk fat so they can become large and gorgeous.

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Vape Train Cookies & Cream


“Cookies & Cream” means Oreos or some other unofficial doppleganger. This is the way that world works. I understand that both “Cookies” and “Cream” have their own meaning, but that combination means that you’re talking about chunks of Oreos involved somewhere. This is a thing that is known. This concentrate involves no chocolate. We are already through the looking glass.

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Vape Train Bubble Gum Base


Pink bubblegum is up there on the list of flavors that most people are intimately familiar with but have no idea what the hell it is actually supposed to be. (Insert references to the power of nostalgia and maybe drop a Proust reference for max intellectual points) but it’s very profoundly strange flavor. Like all good American culinary creations, it looks like pink bubblegum was made from scraps. If you’re in the mood for a breakdown I’ve found this post by HeadInClouds on VapingUnderground really helpful. Basically, you’re talking about flavoring with vanilla, cinnamaldehyde, wintergreen, and orange oil. That’s the traditional formula for pink bubblegum. It’s spooky.

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