Vape Train Milk Fresh


I grew up in a milk family. I have professional experience with milk. Awful confession, I think it’s profoundly weird stuff. I’ll cook with it but even then I prefer half and half or denser. I mean, why not add the extra fat? Cream is delicious in most of it’s permutations… but miss me with that milk stuff. Milk fat percentage of 3.25% or under? Maybe if you’re 7, but children need the delicious milk fat so they can become large and gorgeous.

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Vape Train Cookies & Cream


“Cookies & Cream” means Oreos or some other unofficial doppleganger. This is the way that world works. I understand that both “Cookies” and “Cream” have their own meaning, but that combination means that you’re talking about chunks of Oreos involved somewhere. This is a thing that is known. This concentrate involves no chocolate. We are already through the looking glass.

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