Capella Powerful Sour

Capella has a fairly new sour additive, and they brought out the big guns with the prefix: “POWERFUL.” Will this join Capella Super Sweet as one the primary scourges of commercial juice? It’s definitely a bit different from other available options but I’m not sure it has the equivalent transformative power of Super Sweet. Super Sweet basically turns juice into candy, while this might be more accurately described as an additive to make fruit flavors a little more tart and realistic. Cool, but not quite what I was expecting.

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Capella Tangy Orange

Vaping has a whole bunch of things that sound like a good idea in theory but usually fall flat. Savory flavors? HOW NOVEL! What a lovely change in pace! … until they end up tasting like dirt, vomit, or stale dog food with an overly sweet background. Florals? WHO DOESN’T LIKE FLOWERS? … until you run into one that taste like the inside of deodorized casket, all perfume and sweet decay. And sour? It sounds great, using a tart acidity to balance a sticky sweet candy or fruit flavor. I’ve never had a “sour” juice that was actually sour. They just end up tasting thin and metallic while the vaping experience feels like inhaling the kind of fumes that the OSHA nerds think require a respirator or fume hood. Has Capella finally cracked the secrets of the sour? This week, we’re going fully “sour.” I’m starting out with the fairly new Capella Tangy Orange.

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Vape Train Honeycomb


Democratizing “information” sounds great in theory, right? Among the great promises of the information age, we were told that everyone would have a voice. Trillions of dollars have been made giving people a platform to push their version of truth to an audience. (And yes, I get the irony.) We’ve created a neon hellscape of conflicting information and credulous rubes. VT Honeycomb is not a honey flavor.

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