An Update: This Train Only Runs in Summertime.

And I’m going to waltz back in here like I didn’t just fall into another 3 months of radio silence.  It has to be part of the charm at this point, right?

Thanks for hanging in there.  2018 was weird.  2019 will be even weirder.  I appreciate your patronage.  It still mystifies me that we all ended up here, but I’m into it.

When you’re in a hole, the first step up is the first step out.  Let the content roll.

I have some about 5 more ancient Vape Train Samples to burn through, then I’m on to some Wonder Flavors Super Concentrates.

I’m also going to be revising my notes on and highlighting some of my published recipes for a couple of deep dives on how and why I think they work.

We’ve also got the backlog of old reviews to spellcheck and fix before uploading.

Plus, I haven’t got much of a chance to talk about development.

Approximately 1 million things to do around here.  No promises, but It should be fun.

A new year, same terrible Concrete. XOXOXO.

An Update: Apologism and You

I’ve never really intended to turn this into a blog, but I wanted to apologize for the two weeks of dead air.  I’ve been stuck in development on a couple of projects and haven’t had the spare bandwidth on my palate to really do any substantial testing.  My single flavor testing process involves a lot of single flavor vaping, and I’ve been blasting sucralose at my sinuses all day.

I’m not going to claim my process is high art or anything, but it does take time that I haven’t really had.  Conversely, I don’t have the option of sharing this development work for completely understandable reasons… so it’s radio silence and my good intentions until this stuff is hammered out.

I should be free and clear early next week.  Please expect the same parade of gibberish masquerading as flavor reviews to resume shortly.  I’ll also be plowing through adding my back catalog of concentrate reviews and fleshing out the site more.

I still envision this as a sort of resource for engaged DIY’ers more interested in a buyers guide from one (admittedly handsome) source as opposed to a wraparound “make juice cheap and easy” front end.  I’m not denigrating that kind of work, and it’s probably more interesting than what I do here, but it’s been pretty thoroughly covered by better sources.

TL:DR, thanks for all of your support and I promise to get my ass back in gear here shortly.  If the Carter V can see the light of day, then I’ll be releasing new material soon.