Capella Powerful Sour

Capella has a fairly new sour additive, and they brought out the big guns with the prefix: “POWERFUL.” Will this join Capella Super Sweet as one the primary scourges of commercial juice? It’s definitely a bit different from other available options but I’m not sure it has the equivalent transformative power of Super Sweet. Super Sweet basically turns juice into candy, while this might be more accurately described as an additive to make fruit flavors a little more tart and realistic. Cool, but not quite what I was expecting.

Although it’s kind of beside the point, this is really odd to vape solo. It has a fairly heavy harsh bite and sort of tastes like a combination of plastic and off-gassing overripe pears. There’s a tannic, dry quality to the vape that sort of feels like the skin of under-ripe fruit.

I feel like both the overripe fruit and tannic qualities carry over into mixed juice. Capella Sweet Guava is a big, dumb (delicious) Guava flavor by itself, but with the super sour it’s like guava nectar with tannic skin. Not an actual guava, but the same flavor wrapped in the discarded skin from an under-ripe pear rolled in lemon juice but also just vaguely boozy? That’s a whole lot of adjectives to say that I picked the wrong flavor to test this with.

I mixed up another tester of this at 1% with 10% Capella Green Apple Hard Candy and it was a better fit. I still wouldn’t say it made it into a sour candy, but it did a bit of tartness. It had the odd effect of adding some peel to my Jolly Rancher though. The funky booziness was substantially better hidden in that mix though.

Typical sour drawbacks still apply, this will definitely provide a substantial increase in throat hit on a juice and wreak some mild havoc on your coils. I also did some find muting after a 2 week steep, but it’s probably less than another sour additive like FlavourArt Sour Wizard or TPA Sour.

I still don’t think this is really a candy sour, but it may have some uses. I could see mixing this with largely non-tropical and non-citrus fruits to add some brightness, tang, and realism to a dense, sweet profile. I think those tannic notes would work best with apples, pears, and maybe darker berries but you could have some fun making unbearably harsh citrus juices as well. It’s also an option for candies, but I’d aim pretty low for overall sour effect and temper your expectations accordingly.

In terms of percentages, 2% is clearly too much, and I still think 1% is a bit intense. I’d definitely start low with this one and work up. I don’t think .25% is going to destroy a profile that could theoretically work, but honestly I don’t see much of a need to go beyond .5%, as that tannic dryness and harshness gets to be fairly overwhelming.

Credit where credit is due though, it’s definitely a new approach. I just wish they had cracked the “sour” code in vaping, instead of providing a relatively interesting niche additive.

That product image is pretty menacing though, and I can appreciate that. The giant shiny green drop is confusing and powerful. I don’t know whether to avert my unworthy eyes or just drop to my knees in reverence. 10/10 BRANDING.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Capella Powerful Sour, .5%, 1%, and 2% mixed with 5% CAP Sweet Guava with others noted, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped 2 weeks

Profile: More of a “tart” additive than something that really feels like a true candy sour. Adds bright, acidic bite and a tannic dryness while popping up and adding some greener, raw peel notes. Feels more suited toward use with complementary fruits than an all-purpose candy sour.

Off-Flavors: That tannic peel note requires fruits that line up like apples, pears, and dark berries. Lightly boozy, fermented note. Mutes with a steep, but seems a bit less pronounced than other sours.

Throat Hit: Yup. Deep, acidic throat hit added to a mix. Similar to other sours.

Percentage Recommendation: This seems to get out of control pretty quick. I’d start low (.25%) and pretty carefully work up. I’d stick to fresher fruit rather than candy profiles to add some acidity and realism to softer, sweeter flavors that can take a bit of a peel note.

Other Resources:

The Product Page:

“All The Flavors” Page:

“e-Liquid Recipes” Page:

I paid for this.

One thought on “Capella Powerful Sour

  1. Holy shit. I can’t believe you found a Tart/Sour additive that actually works in any tangible way whatsoever… Believe it or not, this is big news in my world.

    Finding a sick “new” resource like these flavor notes is the BEST part of this pastime. Just when you think you’ve read everything out there, a giant new stockpile of expert-level shit reveals itself. I’m ridiculously psyched to have found these, thanks so much for creating them.


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