Capella Tangy Orange

Vaping has a whole bunch of things that sound like a good idea in theory but usually fall flat. Savory flavors? HOW NOVEL! What a lovely change in pace! … until they end up tasting like dirt, vomit, or stale dog food with an overly sweet background. Florals? WHO DOESN’T LIKE FLOWERS? … until you run into one that taste like the inside of deodorized casket, all perfume and sweet decay. And sour? It sounds great, using a tart acidity to balance a sticky sweet candy or fruit flavor. I’ve never had a “sour” juice that was actually sour. They just end up tasting thin and metallic while the vaping experience feels like inhaling the kind of fumes that the OSHA nerds think require a respirator or fume hood. Has Capella finally cracked the secrets of the sour? This week, we’re going fully “sour.” I’m starting out with the fairly new Capella Tangy Orange.

The actual orange here is italicized interesting. I’d kind of describe it like a creamsicle but sort of bad? It’s a profoundly artificial orange flavor with a relatively heavy vanilla on the back. The orange is definitely on the orange candy side, tasting more like the color than the fruit. It’s pretty close to an orange tic-tac or orange pez. It’s more candied than even something like a Sunny Delight or Tang kind of “orange beverage” flavor while stopping short of a full on orange soda sweetness and fullness. It’s not objectively unpleasant, but it feels pretty far from an actual darn orange. Vanilla is in a whole lot of fruit flavors, but it seems pretty prominent here. It’s not helping to build the profile, so much as pulling it off into that uncanny creamsicle vanilla. It also ends up tasting a bit medicinal with extended vaping. So, yeah, it’s kind of weird.

This does have an interesting “tang” to it though. I’m getting something fairly acidic while vaping this, and just tasting the juice would seem to back that up. I’m not sure if it’s the usual malic acid, but it seems to have some of the same properties with a fairly bright and harsh throat hit and some of that tactile “sour” experience but nothing as deep as an actual sour candy. The solo flavor seems to hold up to a steep relatively well (my biggest complaint with the sours is that they tend to really mute the surrounding flavors with even short steeps) so I’m guessing they took a slightly different approach than just adding malic acid. I’ve done a bit of mixing with this and it does seem to settle down in a juice after a week without doing too much collateral damage, so it’s workable. It’s not really a breakthrough in “sour” but it’s a pretty decent application, all things considered.

So, citrus plus “tangy” creates a fairly brutal vape experience, at least solo. This is hard to vape by itself. That vanilla brings in a thin, marshmallow-esque mouthfeel but there is still a fully caustic kind of deep-scratchy throat hit. Also, it’s winter and pretty dry so my lips are a bit chapped… and that’s been less than fun. It’s a pretty acidic concentrate and there is definitely a bit of tactile pain if you also are some kind of monster that thinks chapstick is a waste of time. Also, seeing as this is a bit acidic, you’ll probably beating the hell out of your coils with extended use, so maybe keep those prisitine OHMJOKER QUADRUPLE FUSED STAPLE FRAGGLETONS away from this unless you really like supporting big homie’s knuckle tattoo and pre-workout fund.

With all the complaining, it’s still pretty close to what passes as sour in vaping. Mixing with this, I’d stay well clear of trying to make a satisfying vape wherein this concentrate is the star. Unless you have an iron throat and really want a harsh creamsicle, I’d keep this to an accent level. The harshness does ramp up with higher percentages, but not nearly in a linear fashion. 2% is still plenty tangy for me, and the vanilla isn’t sticking out as much and the orange isn’t getting as bitter. I’ve sort of settled on 1% in my mixing, with the idea that it will mute the surrounding flavors a bit and probably needs a couple days of steeping to lose enough acidity to be pleasant to vape. I’ve been pairing it up against fruit and candy flavors. At 1% the orange isn’t all the present, but it does add some depth to tropical fruit mixes without injecting too much vanilla into the proceedings. You could probably go a bit higher with candy vapes where the vanilla won’t be an issue, but I’d rely on another concentrate for the bulk of your banging fruity flavor.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Capella Tangy Orange, 2 and 6%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped 2 weeks

Profile: Orange candy bordering on medicinal with a noticeable vanilla background. More acidic than sour, but as “tangy” as I’ve had in a concentrate.

Off-Flavors: Very artificial orange and the vanilla sticks out quite a bit. Gets bitter and medicinal. Vape experience is a bit bracing and fairly harsh overall.

Throat Hit: The vanilla brings in some more wispy marshmallow mouthfeel, but there is still a fairly brutal throat hit, at least solo. Can be mitigated a bit in a mix and with a steep, but it still adds a good deal of throat hit.

Percentage Recommendation: Pretty rough for a primary or solo flavor. I’d keep it around 1% as a modifier or additive to add tang to fairly sweet and heavy fruity or candy juices.

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