Vape Train Milk Fresh


I grew up in a milk family. I have professional experience with milk. Awful confession, I think it’s profoundly weird stuff. I’ll cook with it but even then I prefer half and half or denser. I mean, why not add the extra fat? Cream is delicious in most of it’s permutations… but miss me with that milk stuff. Milk fat percentage of 3.25% or under? Maybe if you’re 7, but children need the delicious milk fat so they can become large and gorgeous.

Likewise, I haven’t ever really felt that the relative thinness and wateriness of a “milk” flavor is going to ever be a real draw in vaping. I think VT Fresh Milk is pretty good specifically because it’s much more of a cream.

Easy shorthand, milk flavors tend to be a funkier than the creams. “Butryic” doesn’t have to be entirely negative but the dose makes the poison. Tasteful funk can equal tang and realism in dairy without being overtly sour or even rancid. So how funky is this? A bit, but it’s pretty tolerable overall. I feel like it’s more slightly cheesy than really sour. Since this sample is ancient at this point, I mixed some up fresh and its definitely less weird than TPA Dairy Milk. I’d call a fresh sample of this funkier than FA Fresh Cream, but not by a mile or anything. It kind of reminds me of some of the weird funk that butter can pick up in the fridge. Not brutal, but it’s there.

Beyond that initial dairy funk, this is pretty solid. I’m not picking up any added vanilla or anything else particularly untoward. It starts to get a bit of a steamed milk kind of taste at higher percentages, but that seems fairly well executed. Call it the heat from vaping or whatever, but there does seem to be some very light caramel notes and maybe just a bit of maltiness. There is also a definite richness to it though, and I do get some lightly buttery notes that I wouldn’t associate directly with a “milk” flavor. They are pretty well-balanced and work cohesively with the flavor, but it does drag it off profile a bit.

As someone who doesn’t really obsess that much over milk flavors in vaping, my comparisons are going to fairly limited and knee-jerk. This seems pretty good compared to the competition that I’ve tried. I think FA Milk (the forbidden kitchen line stuff) is pretty overrated. It’s like FA Fresh Cream with added diacetyl and still suffers from some of the same structural problems. It has this weird chemical sweetness to it that can get a bit off-putting by itself. FLV Milk is a weird beast that is more dry and thick than anything conventionally resembling milk. I like it as an additive to other creams, but it wouldn’t be my choice for a milky base for anything. TPA dairy milk is pretty funky overall, to the point where i’d consider it more of an additive. OoO Milky Undertones is fine, but OoO is probably even trickier to source from a one-stop shop at this point than Vape Train. But again, I’m not the cream guy. Other, more informed opinions are probably worth seeking out.

So yeah, use this as a cream. Which is what you most likely want to use instead of a true “milk” anyway. At 1% this feels pretty full overall, at 4% it feels practically luxurious. In general, the usage percentage of creams generally depends on what is going on in the recipe around them. At 1% or under, you’d be able to use this fill out a creamy flavor, add a touch of cream to a bakery recipe, or otherwise jam some cream in relatively unobtrusively. With a longish steep, you can go quite a bit harder for lush, creamy vapes. I didn’t find anything overpowering here at 4%, I’d venture you could push to 5 or 6% if you don’t mind some muting and the death of all other texture in a recipe.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Vape Train Fresh Milk, 1 and 4%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped approximately forever and mixed fresh.

Profile: Lightly funky, and moderately dense. Some buttery, richer notes that remind me much more of a cream flavor than some weak-ass 2% milk. Picks up some darker malty and caramel notes at higher percentages, almost like a steamed milk.

Off-Flavors: If you’re sensitive to butyric or rancid off-notes, a steep is going to help. I don’t find it overly butyric but those flavors settle down substantially after a couple of weeks. Also, not a bad thing, but this is substantially richer than you’d expect from a milk.

Throat Hit: Nah, not really. I’d call it fairly smooth overall.

Percentage Recommendation: Relatively open based on how much cream you actually want in the recipe. With a long steep, tastes fine at 4% but it will swamp whatever you pair it with. Probably keep it at .5-1% if you’re concerned about preserving any kind of bakery texture.

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This concentrate was provided to me by the manufacturer with no additional compensation. There was no editorial influence. I have no ongoing business relationships with Vape Train or its employees.

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