Vape Train English Marmalade


I’ve tried good flavors. I’ve tried bad flavors. I’ve tasted hundreds of flavors and I’ve understood at least most of them. This, I don’t get. It isn’t a “bad” take on the profile. It seems to have almost nothing to do with the actual profile. It’s confusing, and I don’t think my delicate sensibilities can handle it.

Let’s let vape train explain this: “This 3 fruit traditional English style marmalade will be the key ingredient for your next e-juice recipe. This flavour is intended to be mixed with other fruits or to be used in bakery, tarts, and dessert type e-liquid recipes. It comes with a very low sweetness although classed as a marmalade we’ve deliberately kept it versatile to work and fit into your flavor creations.” Seems innocuous enough. But marmalade is fairly clear. It’s a jelly made with citrus. And that’s pretty much it despite the “English” appellation attached here.

I’ve heard severely conflicting reports about this flavor. Fresh thinks it’s a delightful orange marmalade. He’s usually right. Kopel said it was orange marmalade. He is also usually right. But this tastes nothing like what I’d expect a marmalade to taste like. At first I thought I had got a bad batch or mislabeled bottle. I don’t think that happens as often as people say it does, but whatever. But I’ve heard from a couple other people that this also tastes nothing like marmalade. I’ve heard Strawberry-Kiwi and Strawberry with TPA Dragonfruit.

If we’re picking sides, I’m going on the “not marmalade” side. Obviously. It tastes like a candy strawberry. With maybe a bit of extra brightness that could be a kiwi or a dragonfruit. Whatever. It’s basically a red candy flavor. It tastes like a mix of Flavourart Kiwi (that also tastes like candy strawberry to me and if you don’t agree I have no idea what to tell you) and TPA Strawberry. Despite the “very low sweetness” claim, it’s still feels pretty sweet to me. Not a ton of mouthfeel, but a little bit of almost tactile stickiness. I’m a fairly hard strawberry mute, in that they taste kind of plastic-ish to me and fade really quickly. This is doing the exact same thing. It turns earthy after a couple of drags.

Did you steep it? Yes. This is not my first attempt at figuring out this flavor. I’ve mixed it fresh, it tastes like strawberries. I’ve tried it after a week, it tastes like strawberries. I’ve tried it after one month, it tastes like strawberries. These testers are probably 6 months old and it still tastes like strawberries. I’ve steeped it.

Maybe you’re using too much? Probably not. It tastes like light strawberries at .5%. Or am I not using enough? It tastes like earthy, dirty strawberries at 10%.

Well, they say to mix it with other fruits. I have. It tastes like strawberries when it’s mixed with other fruits. I’ve tried this at 1% with Flavorwest Blood Orange. It tastes like oranges and strawberries. This is not bad, but it doesn’t really magically marmalade anything up for me. I’ve also tried it Flavourart Blood Orange and Wonder Flavors Orange Juice. Still tastes like oranges and strawberries. I’ve tried it with Flavouart Pear. It tastes like pears and strawberries.

So, at what point do I just say that it tastes like strawberry and move on? Probably about now. I have no doubt this might work as a marmalade for somebody? Because I’ve heard them say it. I am not one of those people. This is not a marmalade flavor. I’ve spent a not insubstantial amount of my life concerned with what was going on here. I’m done.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Vape Train English Marmalade, 3 and 7%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped forever.

Profile: They say it’s a citrus marmalade enhancer or something. I think it tastes like a slightly earthy candy strawberry with some extra kiwi-esque brightness. Fairly sweet, a little sticky, but no real heavy body to to it. It doesn’t seem to really work to enhance the citruses I’ve tried it with either. Believe whoever you want.

Off-Flavors: Myself, and at least some portion of the population, doesn’t taste anything like a marmalade.

Throat Hit: A bit. Nothing bad for a candied fruit flavor. If this is some kind of bizarro citrus, then it would be smooth for a citrus. But this is not a citrus. Fight me.

Percentage Recommendation: If you’re into it, I’d accent around 2% and use a stronger candy strawberry around 5% before it gets earthy. If you want to use it for a marmalade, I wouldn’t.

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I paid for this.

2 thoughts on “Vape Train English Marmalade

  1. Well when I search Strawberry it takes me here, probably more lies. Just wanting to know if you have tried Flavor Monks Strawberry or FLV alpine strawberry because as a non-taster of strawberry I am wondering if they are worth considering as a non-taster or I’m more likely to get just more burnt green stems and aardvark toenail jam.


    • I haven’t tried flavor monks, but I’ve used Alpine. Honestly, I can taste it… but I still don’t really like it. It feels less earthy than some of the other candy strawberries but it still trends toward green plastic for me. It sticks around a bit better than something like TPA Strawberry but if you’re mixing for your own enjoyment I don’t think it’s going to magically convince you that strawberries are a good thing in vapes. That’s my personal experience anyway.


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