Vape Train Parano Carrot


Carrot cake is a profile that mixers use as a cautionary tale. They whisper in hushed tones about how, if they could finally nail a carrot cake, the heavens themselves would part and they would ascend to a throne constructed entirely of vape money Lambos and HEMO stabwood squonkers. Oh, if only they could capture the objectively odd combination of baked carrot, spice, cream cheese icing, and nuts! It always ends with the gnashing of teeth at the relatively sad state of carrot flavors. Vape Train wants to help. They have a carrot, and it has an exotic varietal name. I don’t know if this is going to be the key to that mythical profile, but it’s a fairly solid fresh carrot flavor, all things considered.

The carrot taste is definitely there. It’s a raw carrot flavor, definitely on the fresh side. Of the carrot flavors I’ve tried, this is probably the least dirty, although I do still get some relatively light earthier vaguely unpeeled notes out of it. The earthier notes are noticeably less prominent than FLV Carrot and a whole order of magnitude less intense than those in RF SC Carrot. So yes, carrot, but the flavor itself seems like it’s built a little weird.

I get a sort of tart citrus body from this. The carrot here seems to mostly live in the top notes, and feels like it’s just sitting on top of that body. There isn’t much defining character to that tarter body, but it feels kind of like a mellow orange or super chill lemon flavor? It’s more just citric tart. It works with the carrot, but it kind of blunts the impact of the flavor substantially.

I figured this flavor would be a little intense, so I mixed a bit lower than the Vape Train testers I’ve been putting down. 1 and 4% seem pretty equally tart, it’s the carrot flavor that’s actually scaling up. 1% is probably too little carrot, and 4% is pushing maybe a bit earthy. I’d probably be using 2-3% if I actually wanted to taste a clear carrot in a mix with other strong flavors. My usual usage percentages kind of reflect where you’d get a clear, recognizable flavor. I don’t know how much carrot you’d actually want. Probably keep it under 3%.

Granted, I haven’t tried Vape Train Carrot Cake yet, but I’m not entirely sure this solves the age old carrot cake dilemma. This doesn’t automatically make me thing of a deeper, sweeter bakery carrot flavor. It’s probably the most useable for that effect that I’ve found, but it’s still going to be a bit dicey. You’d have to find a way to hide some of that tartness. Carrot Cake flavors tend to have some kind of cream cheese icing flavor in them, this might be usable if you forgo the tartness from that cream cheese icing and instead go for a generic frosting flavor. Outside of that, this would work well in fruitier, vibrant applications and should pair up nicely with orange, pineapple, pear, or other juice blend type flavors.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Vape Train Parano Carrot, 1 and 4%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped 14 days.

Profile: Raw, bright carrot with a citric, tart base.

Off-Flavors: Tart base is a bit overwhelming. Light earthy notes, but probably the most manageable of the competition I’ve tried.

Throat Hit: Moderate. This gets a bit tart and throaty for me, especially at higher wattages.

Percentage Recommendation: Tart base doesn’t seem linear, just the actual carrot taste. Seems to get a bit too earthy over 3%. Probably keep it under that.

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The Product Page:

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