Vape Train Apricot


Vape Train has a lot of interesting takes on fruit. This is more interesting in a bad way. An artificial take on an apricot flavor with some plastic cherry off-notes and odd savory cereal malt character.

The actual apricot flavor in here isn’t that bad. It’s somewhere in the middle of the apricot darkness spectrum. It’s not as dark as FlavourArt or Flavorah apricot. It’s also not a brighter, fruitier flavor like TPA Apricot. I’d probably put it on par with Capella Apricot for darkness, but where CAP has that apricot nectar kind of body, this is maybe a bit thinner with a little bit of juiciness. Not sticky sweet, but a flatter artificial apricot flavor. It goes off the rails pretty hard after that.

There is an unpleasant plastic edge to this concentrate, closely resembling the semi-notorious cherry off notes. Theoretically apricots and cherries are fairly closely related stone fruit, but it’s still a bummer to taste those typical cherry off notes in a concentrate. It’s not the worst case of cherry off-notes I’ve ran into (shoutout to CAP Grenadine), but it’s still a fairly present component of the flavor. It’s the part that makes cherry flavors taste like off-gassing plastic or cough syrup and it’s definitely hampering the utility here. I’m admittedly only trying this a week in, but it’s still fairly prominent at 2% and in my experience those kind of off-notes never really go away.

There’s also a weird cereal malt vibe to this. It tastes a little bit like cheerio dust, which would be weird but interesting for a bakery apricot. But yeah, the cereal malt along with the plastic makes this fairly hard to recommend. There is  a solid slate of other apricot options available to choose from.

Playing the percentage game here doesn’t really fix this concentrate. It’s not great at 2% with a fairly light apricot flavor. It’s borderline offensive at 6%. Stone fruit is delicious and deserves better.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Vape Train Apricot, 2 and 6%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped 7 days.

Profile: Artificial apricot with a thinner, juicy body.

Off-Flavors: Prominent plastic cherry off-notes here. Lingering cereal malt effect on top of apricot and plastic.

Throat Hit: Moderate. No heavy linalool peach bite, but off-notes are pretty rough.

Percentage Recommendation: I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you do use this keep it low to avoid the worst of those plastic off-notes. Maybe 1-2%.

Other Resources:

The Product Page:

The ATF Page:

The ELR Page:

This concentrate was provided to me by the manufacturer with no additional compensation. There was no editorial influence. I have no ongoing business relationships with Vape Train or its employees.

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