Vape Train Watermelon


I’ve been going around on circles on this flavor, and I’m still not sure exactly what I think of it. Sort of a watermelon taffy by way of watermelon booze by way of actual watermelon? It’s a darn enigma of a watermelon flavor and it maybe comes across more confusing that really charming.

This is probably coming down on the artificial side of the great watermelon divide, but it’s a really interesting kind of artificial. It isn’t a straight up candy watermelon. It has some of the heavy sweetness but it doesn’t quite read as overt as the super candied watermelons. It’s almost a taffy style as opposed a gummy candy artificial watermelon, and I think I’m getting some kind of vanilla in here as well. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s prominent enough to be a bit weird with this kind of lengthy steep.

This tastes a bit disjointed. Underneath that more candied flavor I am getting a bit of a more realistic melon. It’s almost like someone tried to make FA Red Summer / Watermelon into a starburst. Lighter, crisp rind notes in here. Not the straight skin, but the colorless part of the watermelon close to the actual rind. Those realistic notes are working as an accent at all the tested percentages, it really doesn’t seem like the relative prominence of those candy notes is an overflavoring thing but I’ve been wrong before and will continue to do so.

The big off note for me is a distinct booziness. It lessens over a stupid long steep, but straight out of the bottle it vapes like smelling a big old can of watermelon 4LOKO. I’m a somewhat reformed 4LOKO expert, so it could very well be some kind of PTSD. This makes think of slow motion riot that was original 4LOKO, all cavities and assault charges. Fairly neutral alcohol note, it could also pass for something like jungle juice.

Trying the different percentages here, 1% is mostly unremarkable, at least by itself. Not a whole lot going on besides a mostly artificial watermelon flavor. Doesn’t seem to have an overwhelming amount of texture, including juiciness. 4% is a lot more solid. Still feels candy forward, but some of the nuance is starting to come out. Overall feels fairly well balanced. There is nothing really wrong at 8% here, I’m just not sure it’s working twice as well as 4%, so why do it? I’d probably be around 2-3% as an accent, or all the way up at 6-7% as a primary flavor.

A bit stumped on where to use this. I don’t think it would taste unpleasant anywhere you’d usually stick a watermelon. I feel like this could be a less obnoxious candy watermelon solution in trashy beverage or candy recipes, especially the way that vanilla shows up a bit after a stupid long steep. It should also pair up really well with all the usual watermelon suspects, so if you’ve got an all Australian Strap-On recipe in the works this wouldn’t not work. I think this might actually work really well in something like a watermelon slurpee or yet another tiger’s blood recipe, as the coconut in those already lends some creaminess. Or hey, get nostalgic, crack out that VT Russian Vodka and some VT Gold Rum (or VT Warm Domestic Beer, the way it came across to me) and I’m pretty sure you could a watermelon 4LOKO out of this. I’m not going to try it, or test your version, but it’s an idea. Have fun.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Vape Train Watermelon, 1, 4 and 8%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped apx. 2 months.

Profile: Leads with softer candy watermelon, with some more realistic rind notes hiding in there.

Off-Flavors: Without a super long steep, pronounced neutral booziness. With a long steep, sort of a taffy vanilla flavor.

Throat Hit: Light. Less harsh than the other candied watermelons I’ve tried, but harsher than the realistic watermelons.

Percentage Recommendation: I’d lean into this as opposed to trying to hide it. 2-3% as an accent, 5-6% as a primary but expect that booziness.

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