FlavourArt Bavarian Cream


Another cream, another existential crisis. This time it’s the newish FA Bavarian Cream. Seems more like a whipped cream flavor with a very light cinnamon. By no means is this not okay, but I’m struggling a bit on where it would be my first choice.

Here is my sort-of-standard disclaimer about my palate and creams. I’m sort of a cream deist. I acknowledge that creams exist, but my own experience of them isn’t really worth mentioning. I’m not quite a cream mute, but it seems like a cream has to be stupid rich before I really start to get much nuance. Which is why I’m the perfect person to give my thoughts about a DAAP free cream. I’d just stop reading now.

Apparently a Bavarian cream is really a panna cotta with eggs and whipped cream? It was invented by the french, like any combination of cream and eggs probably. As a ‘murican, i’ve always assumed it was the slightly tangy pudding-ish pastry cream inside a bavarian cream donut. With that said, I’m not sure this does either for me.

FlavourArt isn’t much help here. Their description: “The typical bavarian cream, absolutely to try. To be diluted to 5%.”It’s definitely some-sort-of-cream (TM). I can get that far. Seems fluffier than rich, but that might just be up to the lack of DAAP. On the bright side of that, it avoids using anything heavily butryic. If I’m looking for eggs, I’m not finding really finding them. Tastes like a pretty normal whipped cream to me, without any custardy richness. No real overwhelming dairy funk here, but there is just a touch of some very lightly sour milk that adds to the profile. There is some vanilla and a bit of light spice to this. It’s pretty subtle, but I’d call it cinnamon if you wanted to pin it down. Seems less spicy than something like FA Catalan Cream, and it kind of blends in without really calling attention to itself.

I think the fluffy texture stands out more than anything else. It’s executed fairly well here, but it doesn’t really have an unctuous richness to it. At 2% I’d call if fairly soft. The cream flavor isn’t super prominent to me, and the spice is damn near imperceptible. At 4%, the texture is a bit more pronounced and starts to skirt right up against a drier meringue kind of texture. The spice is a bit more prominent, but that dairy base is still pretty neutral.

This doesn’t seem like the kind of cream that will really swamp your bakery texture or make a recipe too soggy. I’d probably use it like a whipped cream on bakeries. The light cinnamon is going to work pretty well with something like a pie and you should be able to keep some kind of separation. Seems like a 2-3% kind of flavor, but again… I need to crank the volume up a bit on creams.

But with what I’m getting off this, I don’t know that it would really ever be my first choice. For a whipped cream, I’m still a big fan of CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream if I want a fairly heavy vanilla or FW Sweet Cream if I don’t. I feel like both of those are a bit more buttery and the read noticeably richer for me. For the donut kind of Bavarian Cream, TPA Bavarian Cream is still pretty solid if you can manage the maple overtone to it or even FA Vienna Cream if you wanted a cleaner pastry cream flavor. Also of note, I’ve never tried FW or CAP Bavarian Cream. I should probably do that.

This is fine.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: FlavourArt Bavarian Cream, 2 and 4%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped 11 days.

Profile: Fluffy, relatively light cream flavor. Light vanilla with very light spice.

Off-Flavors: Doesn’t seem all that rich, eggy, or custardy. Not too bad for a DAAP free flavor, and it doesn’t compensate with butryic acid.

Throat Hit: Pretty smooth at lower percentages. Dries out a bit when used higher.

Percentage Recommendation: I’d go around 2-3% as a whipped cream style topping.

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