Flavor West Papaya (Natural)

FW Natural Papaya Header

“Natural” in this context doesn’t mean Flavor West hired someone to actually squeeze papayas into your bottle of concentrate. There’s no real regulation on the processing, but it just denotes that originally these flavors weren’t entirely synthesized by a lab. But, lest we bury the lede, this is pretty good.

The papaya here skirts the line between actual fruit and papaya candy. It’s definitely sweet, but so is a ripe papaya. There is some some that sticky, sugary cling to the sweetness here that I associate more with candy flavors. I’d say it definitely feels more like a candy sweetness as opposed to juicier sweetness of an actual papaya. With that said, I do get quite a bit of nuance to the flavor. You’ve got relatively light terpene-ish piney peel notes in there, but not to the degree that some of the pinier mango flavors can pick up. There’s also just a touch of musky ripeness to this as well. That ripeness isn’t overbearing at all, and works to fill out the profile as opposed to completely dominate it.

This vapes really well. Nothing harsh or too angular to it, and the flavor feels very cohesive. My biggest complaint is probably that comes across as just a touch thin. Testing this at 4% with a sizeable steep, the candy sweetness is definitely there but that raw vg tastes pokes through a bit and I’m missing a solid body. At 8% it’s better, but it just doesn’t seem to have some of the deeper, thicker body of TPA Papaya. This seems to be a bit on the weak side on general, and I’ve taken up to 12% without any real negative effects.

As far as I know, there isn’t a ton of competition in the bustling papaya sector (at least with larger, readily available domestic flavoring companies.) Giving this some context, this is probably the most workable papaya I’ve found. I’ve only tried FLV Papaya Punch and TPA Papaya, although FA also has a papaya. FLV Papaya Punch seems more peachy than tropical to me. TPA Papaya is delicious for sure, but TPA Papaya is a towering bully of a flavor and my sweet god it lingers forever and forever. After we finally and mercifully annihilate ourselves alien archaeologists will be finding rda’s stained with a tropical cat piss smell from the people vaping a monster melons clone when the bombs fell. This is nice. We don’t deserve much, but we deserved a nice papaya flavor.

Long story short, this should actually mix well. That bit of thinness is going to probably need some backup though. Go nuts, but go bolder and fuller in general. I could see a thicker mango flavor working really well here for backup. I’d go with FLV Mango, but I think CAP Sweet Mango is an abomination. You could get away with damn near anything though. Strawberry and Lime would be my other big fruits to pair off against this. If you want to get heretical, 1% TFA Papaya should work to fill this out substantially without making your RDA hazardous waste. Nothing here that would preclude using this with creams or whatever as well.

All in all, this one is probably worth picking up if you’re interested in papaya.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Flavor West Natural Papaya, 4 and 8%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped around 2 months.

Profile: Mostly realistic papaya with some flatter candy sweetness. Lightly tart with a pleasant ripe accent.

Off-Flavors: Vapes a bit thin, needs some help with juiciness and depth.

Throat Hit: Light. Nothing untoward.

Percentage Recommendation: On the weaker side. 3-5% as an accent, 8-10% as a primary flavor.

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