Molinberry Tropical Mango


Like TPA Phillipine Mango but overripe? Artificial, buttery, and a bit flat. Could be okay with big bright tropicals, citrus, or a milkshake. Another niche mango for the pile.

Molinberry’s description for this flavor is interesting… “Passion Mango sweet flavour, cross between nectarine, an orange and a pineapple. Very juicy and twisted flavor, can be added to all fruit compositions. Dosage 6-8%.” I’m assuming they are trying to describe mangoes to people that might not be familiar? My cultural blinders and all, but are there people out there who don’t have access to even mediocre mangoes? My heart goes out to them. Also, “Twisted?” Mangoes are amazing, but mango flavors generally are not. It is a source of heartbreak, and this doesn’t really ameliorate that.

The good parts of this mango flavor are somewhere between mango nectar and mango candy. Thicker, dense mango flavor but it still has a candy-ish artificiality to it. Very slight green peel note here. That peel note seems less like a pine tree, and more a sort of green, plastic floral note. But there isn’t much of it. Less green than most of the mainline mangoes I’ve tried. While the texture here could be qualified as THICC, I’m having some issues visualizing it as really juicy or fleshy. That artificiality makes me think of a mango flavored slurpee more than actual fruit. But THICC. Overall, it’s a warmer and flat flavor and it missing some acidity.

With all that said, I’m picking up a pretty interesting buffet of off-notes here. This comes across as fairly overripe to me. Where something like CAP Sweet Mango has a sort of swampy, green overripe note to it, this is almost cheesy. There is this weird buttery almost rancid note right at the back-end of the flavor. It may not show up too strongly in a mix, but I have a thing about mango off notes, and it ends up being fairly prominent for me. Also, this feels kind of floral to me. Hairspray floral. It’s not as prominent as the overripe thing, but it keeps cropping up whenever I’m not sure I’m tasting it. That floralish top end is what really sells me on the comparison to TPA Phillipine Mango. It feels familiar.

At 3%, this is warm, moderately full, and maybe just a bit dry. While it’s a bit buttery, I’m not getting too much of that buttery overripe note. It does really remind me of a ripe artificial mango. 8% is probably a bit much though. Ripe has pushed into overripe. Good texture though. I’d probably stick to using this around 5% for that texture. Should pair well with brighter tropical flavors. Basically pineapple or passion fruit. Or citrus. This probably has enough body to soak up some aggressive citrus. While that butteryness is a bit weird solo, it could maybe work in some cream applications and the lack of a green note would be a benefit. So basically kill it with pineapple or make a milkshake.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Molinberry Tropical Mango, 3% and 8%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped for at least a month.

Profile: Dense but artificial mango without much of the dreaded pine.

Off-Flavors: Cheesy, overripe finish. Hairspray artificial floral notes.

Throat Hit: Nah, this feels pretty smooth.

Percentage Recommendation: Around 5% for a thick base for a milkshake or to play off bright fruits.

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