Molinberry Funky Pineapple

082518_Bottle4I don’t understand why Molinberry occasionally appends random adjectives to it’s flavors, but whatever. I’m just saying, maybe don’t call your take on a profile notorious for off-flavors “funky.” Overall though, not particularly funky and a fairly solid take on a mostly realistic pineapple.

First, it tastes largely like a pineapple. Not a pineapple candy, or a pineapple juice. Ripe pineapple sweet, without that super aggressive candy overtone that happens with a lot of other pineapple flavors. While the sweetness is right about dead on for ripe pineapple, it feels just a bit flat. Like it needs a touch more acidity to really set the entire thing off.

Texturally, it’s also pretty much a pineapple. It could probably stand to be a hair juicier, but what is here isn’t exactly dry. It has a solid texture to it, thicker than you’d expect with a thinner pineapple juice flavor.

So, funk. This is pretty solidly mellow on the off notes. I get that barest tinge of sulfur from it, but it’s probably less prominent than INW where it’s pretty negligible. I don’t it think it jumps out at all unless you are sensitive to it or actively hunting for it. After a fairly lengthy steep, I’m going to say this doesn’t taste overripe either, which is nice. Straight off a shake it can come across as a bit musky or whatever, but that seems to fade out after a week or two.

Testing this at 3%, it seems a bit on the weak side. The flavor profile isn’t distinctly different that what’s going on at 8%, but it’s just sort of faint. This is going to probably need to be north of 6% to really firm up. Seems fairly linear though, so you can get away with using this an accent in a profile.

“But where does fit in the grand constellation of pineapple flavors?” You ask, mouth agape. It feels more solid and less juicy than CAP Golden Pineapple, bringing it closer to pineapple fruit than juice. It isn’t as candied as VT Sugarloaf Pineapple while still being on the sweet side. It’s also a whole lot more present and vibrant than INW Pineapple. And hey, it’s not tropical battery acid like TPA. Overall, this seems to accquit itself pretty well the competition. This seems like a good pineapple for fruit mixes as more of a main component, instead of the usual spark of tartness or juicy background. I mean, pair it with whatever and it should come across like an actual chunk of pineapple. The thickness here would work well with creams and bakeries without tasting like a handful of white gummy bears.

So, yeah… stupid name. Good pineapple, though.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Molinberry Funky Pineapple, 3% and 8%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped for at least a month.

Profile: Ripe pineapple, pretty much. Not candy, not juice. A little lacking in tartness and juiciness, but it gets the point across.

Off-Flavors: Can come across a bit funky (I got jokes) and overripe right off a shake. That seems to get better with a steep.

Throat Hit: Moderate, but manageable for a pineapple. Not nearly as harsh as TPA.

Percentage Recommendation: 3-4% as an accent, 6-10% as a primary flavor in a mix.

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