Molinberry Mexican Cactus

082518_Bottle6More nopales than prickly pear, this one is a bit odd. Vegetal, drier, and just a bit dirty. A cactus for people that want to actually vape a darn cactus?

Molinberry calls this “Sweet & Sour Cactus fruit with a hit of Aloe-vera in the background.” I’m not sure about that, at least in my experience. This is probably the least fruity cactus variant I’ve tried so far. The description makes it sound like they are trying for prickly pear, but this doesn’t do that for me. It’s less fruity than INW Cactus, and way less fruit than JF Cactus or FW Prickly Pear. There is maybe a bit of extra sweetness and a tiny bit of a pear or banana thing going on in the background but this is mostly cactus. The vegetal note here starts off more towards a mellow sweet aloe flavor and finishes on something astringent like dandelion greens. As far as vegetal notes go, it isn’t offensive or anything, but it’s still a fairly green.

Texturally, this isn’t instant juiciness. It’s not painfully dry, but it doesn’t have anything approaching the deep dampness of INW Cactus. Moderately full vape overall, although those astringent top notes seem to have a tannic drying effect. I’m not a Molinberry pro or anything, but it looks like they are generally on the higher side for mixing percentage. Trying this at 3%, I think I’m getting enough cactus? That astringency is coming through pretty clear but I’m not picking up much nuance beyond that. 8% is actually a bit sweeter and fuller, but that bitterness is getting a bit gnarly. I’d lean towards a light hand with this, unless you really want to go full vegetal and weird. I’d call it 2-4%, but yeah, it’s going to be an acquired taste.

Probably the more pressing question is what to do with this? If you’re looking at this flavor to do what INW Cactus does, it won’t. So put all those thoughts of small percentages to juice and smooth things out of your mind. I think you’re firmly in the “weird” category with this one. With that said, it wouldn’t taste bad with some of the juicier apple or pear flavors. That tannic astringency may end up working more like a peel than anything else, but it isn’t going to taste bad. This could also pair really well with a cucumber like FA or CAP if you want it extra vegetable and crisp. Or just adapt your favorite nopales recipe.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Molinberry Mexican Cactus, 3% and 8%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped for at least a month.

Profile: Cactus, but like the actual cactus. Not the fruit.

Off-Flavors: Dandelion green style astringency on the finish.

Throat Hit: Light. Not nearly as crazy smooth and moist as INW Cactus, but not as dry as JF Cactus.

Percentage Recommendation: Not really a textural modifier or additive, use it as an actual flavor somewhere around 2-4%.

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