Vape Train Botanical Gin

082518_Bottle2A relatively easy going and sweet gin, executed well. I’d call it gin for cowards, but not everyone wants to have their face melted off by juniper. There is a fairly good mix of gin aromatics here, and it’s all well balanced enough to seem fairly cohesive.

Vaping it solo, I’m picking up some brighter citrus up front. Not too overwhelming and peel heavy, tastes mostly like lemon with something orange-ish providing a pretty substantial hit of sweetness. The herbal component is maybe a bit far back in the mix for fans of more aggressive dry gins, but I do get some juniper that comes out quite a bit more on the back half of the exhale. Hard to tell what else is exactly going on back there but there is a bit of a green edge to this with a sort of ephemeral floral top note. What’s more impressive is that the vegetal part is fairly crisp without picking up any kind of swampy notes with a similar clean, bright edge to the florals. I’m getting zero perfume out this too, which is nice.

And as for the booze, well it’s there. It is quite as hot as something like the VT Vodka or even the Light Rum. But it’s there, and it’s nice. Mixing with this, it’s behaving a lot like the other VT boozes worth using. It’s not a particularly full flavor, with that boozy top note being the primary thing that stands out in there. There is some body in here, but it’s a bit lost up against stronger flavors. These boozy top notes do seem to stick around after a steep though, so you’ll still get a cocktail effect after a couple weeks. I wouldn’t call the net effect a stiff pour or anything, but it’s a cut above INSERT NATIONAL CASUAL DINING CHAIN type of one jigger per bullshit 7 dollar well level of strength.

Testing this for concentration, it seems fairly flexible. It seems to need a bit more than 3% to really push through and at 7% is still isn’t overwhelming for a gin. I’d probably mix this closer to 5% if you’re trying to mix it with anything fruity or bright as the actual gin flavor is going to struggle a bit to come through. Vape Train suggests “0.5~4% in a Mix – Standalone 5~7%” which is just a bit lower than their usual recommendations. I’m suspecting that’s just because end up feeling some sort of way about gin and not because the flavor won’t handle it.

Should pair really well with sweeter gin cocktail ideas. I could see it working in a collins or any sort of gin smash with fruit. I mean, it’s gin. You know what to do with gin. I will say, this could use some help from the maelstrom of juniper in FA Gin if you actually want something a bit more aggressive. Like use 4% of the VT, 1% of the FA Gin, and 3% of FW Martini and you might be onto something.

Overall, I’d add this to pile of solid to impressive booze flavors from Vape Train. This is actually solid enough I can probably stop adding the “if you want to pay a kidney and cross your fingers Flavormonks makes a good gin” line to my cocktail-based mixing conversations. I mean, I still dig their pure gin, but this stuff here is pretty solid.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.32 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Vape Train Botanical Gin, 3% and 7%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped 7 days.

Profile: Moderately boozy generic gin on the sweet side. More herbal than juniper heavy, with a liquid cocktail type mouthfeel. Think Seagrams.

Off-Flavors: Nothing that doesn’t belong, but it’s a pretty mellow take.

Throat Hit: Moderate, but it’s booze so deal with it. Nothing unpleasant.

Percentage Recommendation: 4-5% in actual cocktail vape if you like gin. 0% if you want to bitch about gin.

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