Flavor Express RY4 Double


Sweetened coffee? Maybe the “dessert” part of a dessert tobacco, but I’m struggling to find any actual tobacco here.

This is a repost of legacy review, originally posted on the DIY_eJuice subreddit.

Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 12 wrap 24g 3.5mm SS316 @.31 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: Flavor Express RY4 Double, 1 and 3%, 60/40 VG/PG base, Steeped 18 days.

Flavor Description: This tastes a lot like coffee. I’m sure there are some combinations of tobaccos that come across like coffee, but I’m not getting any smoke, ash, or even a clear leafy flavor. It’s a dead ringer for a medium-dark roast drip coffee with some added sugar. There’s a very slight cocoa edge which starts to come out at higher percentages. Coffee has just a slight burnt taste to it that conceivably could be where some kind of tobacco is slotting in, but overall effect just tastes like coffee. Sweetness here has a little bit of a caramel taste, but comes across more like a baseline sweetness to to the entire vape rather than a specific sweet component.

The mouthfeel is relatively full for a super concentrate type alcohol-based flavor, with some actual volume to it. Not nearly as thick as TPA, JF, or HS, but I seem to have issues with texture on alcohol-based flavors. This is still fairly sweet, but that lack of body actual keeps it from getting too sticky and cloying. It’s almost a granulated sugar kind of sweetness but it fades out pretty quickly.

Off-flavors: A whole lot of coffee. Not much in common with the other RY4 flavors I’ve tried beyond a general lack of tobacco.

Throat Hit: Moderate, dry harshness to this. Doesn’t seem to have that warm, scratchy throatiness of other RY4’s but it still has a bit of bite.

Percentage testing: At 1%, I’m getting a pretty full helping of that coffee kind of flavor. Medium dark and just slightly burnt. Moderate caramel sweetness without a heavy stickiness. Texture feels a bit thin. Moderately harsh and a bit dry.

At 3% I’m getting about the same amount of coffee out of this, but it seems to be picking up a bit of cocoa. Caramel has filled in just a bit, but the texture feels functionally identical and still a little thin. Hasn’t gotten much sweeter, but the harshness and dryness has picked up for me.

Just based on these tests, I’d probably be around 2% with this flavor. I’ve tried mixing super concentrates with PG based concentrates, and the super concentrates tend to get pushed into the background of mixes. So I think this is probably going to work better in an accent role, unless you want to go full super concentrates.

Uses & Pairings: I’m not sure about this about a tobacco flavor. I think you could use it as a component in a desert tobacco, but you’ll want to pair it with a more aggressive tobacco and this is just going to bring a sweet coffee vibe to the mix.

Taken on it’s own terms, it’s really not a bad, sweet coffee. This could use some cream to thicken it a bit, but it doesn’t need much beyond that.

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The Product Page:


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Not that I can find.

This concentrate was provided to me by the manufacturer with no additional compensation. There was no editorial influence. I have no ongoing business relationships with Vape Train or its employees.

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