Vape Train Swiss Chocolate


The Swiss. I feel like I could make some mean spirited jokes about neutrality being a cover for a deep moral flexibility, but whatever. I’m not about to start going all jingoistic right around now. My apartment is made of the finest, most brittle glass. But… it’s always interesting seeing a flavor concentrate named after a country. What defines the heritage of a flavor?

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Vape Train Chocolate Base (Clear)


I’m officially going to lobby to switch the naming conventions of some of these Vape Train concentrates. I’m proposing, officially, the switch of the Vape Train bases to the super sexy marketing name of ”Inflections, by Vape Train.” If you pick this up expecting a full chocolate flavor, you may be a bit bummed. This is not that. It’s more a chocolate tinge in a bottle. And it is clear, so there is that.

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